Mall Parking Lot was first formed by Sophie VonLehman and Dylan Paul. The two had been classmates at the Art Academy of Cincinnati prior to forming, (as well as Arden Jackson.) It started as a text exchange, Sophie asking Dylan if he played an instrument and if he wanted to start a band. At the first meet up to practice, Dylan recruited his partner Niyah Johnson as the rhythm guitarist, and a mutual friend, Arden Jackson, to play bass. Dylan put himself first on drums. Sophie assumed vocals, as no one else was at first interested, despite having no experience on vocals, only on classical cello.

During the first rehearsal, the JS became a song. It first lived as a poem in Sophie’s notes app. Arden then recruited girlfriend Jessica Stout to play lead guitar. This lineup existed for three months, performing one time with only two songs, JS, and a now retired joke song called Kroger.

After a couple of months playing together, the band felt stuck and in a creative rut. There were no complete songs other than JS, a bit of Waiting Room, and another retired song, “swerve off the road and die.” The band dubbed itself originally an experimental band. Sophie was not happy to be doing vocals, and began learning guitar in the spring to help the band write songs. Mid July, the band switched the lineup. Dylan now on lead guitar, Jessica on drums, Niyah on vocals, Arden still on bass, and Sophie moved to rhythm guitar. Immediately the band felt a difference; and the song writing block had been lifted. The band said “a chakra was unblocked.”

Only practicing about once a week or so, songs were slow or in the process. Due to business between other things; the band took the month of September off. A month later; the band came back stronger than ever and wrote 3 songs on the spot, dubbing them as each members take. These later formed into Down the Alleyway, Song of the Summer, Figure it Out. As each practice went on, more songs have come together. The band now aligns itself within punk rock, taking inspiration from Queens of the Stone Age, Veruca Salt, Bikini Kill, Dazey and the Scouts, and My Chemical Romance.

The first release of music happened on bandcamp; with “iPhone Demos” which features waiting room, song of the summer, drowning in a above ground pool in Ohio, and JS.

The band is currently working on their first LP, Yearbook, and has plans to release later in 2023.